A new year!

happy-new-year-2013-hd-wallpapers-1A new year is approaching and that means new year resolutions for most. I’m not much of a resolutions person, most of the time when I make them I break them, but this year I’m hopeful. I always have so many ideas of what I want to coming year to be and what I want to accomplish. For 2013 I hope a year of being realistic. I just want to focus on a few thing.. things that I can really do and change. So here goes…


I will be KIND to myself and others!

– Eat more healthy foods

– Exercise 3-4 times a week

– Date nights more frequently

– Have fun!


I’m hoping to do more crafty things, maybe I’ll do one once a week, who knows. I any case I hope to post more about my adventures this year and help track my progress to being a better me which means a better wife and friend.




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